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Accredited Coach Training Course - Important Update


Our Internationally Certified “Breakthrough Life Coaching Course” is now accredited by the International Association of Abundance Coaches (IAAC). As well as having the peace of mind that you are studying for an accredited qualification, you will also have the opportunity to join IAAC as an individual member too.

Your training can be completed in as little as 10 weeks. You will receive a Certificate in Life Coaching and the confidence and qualification to be able to practice as a Life Coach across the USA and internationally.

In summary, this means you can be assured of our course’s recognized quality and excellence in training standards, and the confidence and credibility that comes with a prestigious qualification like this.

Professional Training for the United States And International Coaching Profession (and Anyone Looking For The Elite Level Skills That Positively Transform People’s Lives)

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Whatever your motivation, you are definitely in the right place. We are committed to giving you the techniques, strategies and advanced skills necessary to become a masterful coach. The knowledge, confidence and qualifications you gain will allow you to unleash your own unique coaching talent and energy, and to make a huge difference enriching the lives of others.

Our Certified Breakthrough Life Coaching Program – Who this training is designed for:

Unique Skills For Bringing Out The Absolute Best In Others – What our unique life coaching training will give you:

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Our intensive and extremely practical coaching program was developed to satisfy the highest international standards. It will be literally life changing for you and those you go on to help and empower. Our goal is to offer you training that expands your own horizons and gives you enviable skills which others are desperately searching for.

Our focus is on giving you the necessary tools to facilitate personal transformation and empowerment. We also put considerable effort into showing you how to either build a thriving coaching practice for yourself, or build considerable demand for your services within your current field.

Our online Life Coaching Masterclass Program

We’re delighted to announce that we are constantly adding to the bonus online components of our Life Coaching course. Online coaching masterclasses are added regularly. Each workshop focuses on a particular coaching topic, technique or skill and is led by one of our International Trainers and other change experts.

This program offers ongoing support, mentoring and the opportunity to keep in contact with a network of fellow coaches following your intensive professional training. It is an ideal way to keep up the momentum you gain following completion of the course, and to gain even deeper insight into coaching and its techniques.

As soon as you enroll on the Breakthrough Life Coaching Course, you will gain access to this valuable resource. In addition to the ongoing calls, we have already built up an impressive archive of recorded calls which you can start listening to immediately... maybe as soon as today!

Our topics include;

Our Terms and Conditions

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If you are interested in any of these training opportunities, and would like to receive a detailed course brochure including a course outline, information about training dates, prices etc, please fill in the form at the top of the page, or contact us directly at or (737) 301-8808.

To find out how to become a confident, amazing life coach PLUS details of our upcoming 10 Week (IAAC Certified) Professional Training Courses