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Certified Breakthrough Life Coaching Course - Testimonials From National And International School Graduates…

Vaughan Fleischer

I entered the course with the idea that I would learn something. As I progressed through the week I brought myself to each coaching session, while being able to coach others.

The amount of personal growth, resilience and resolution to grow and change left me breathless. I was mightily moved by the experience and have seen first hand how effective coaching is in dealing with childhood trauma, marital restoration, facing bad habits and deciding on the future.

A worthwhile experience if for no other reason than an intensive 5 days of "personal reflection, and at its most, to be transparent and ready for the people we can support".

Vaughan Fleischer
Janine Langdon-Lee

I freaking loved the course…

"Firstly Jordan was an exceptional and amazing trainer. I felt listened to and appreciated her sense of humour, knowledge and sharing of examples. She created a safe space for us all". I loved how she allowed discussion to flex and flow depending on the mood of the room and the subject matter. Yet also keep us on track.

The course was transformational for me on so many levels. I was attending as I knew I wanted to be a life coach at the end of the week and wanted tools and techniques and a framework to create my own coaching sessions and practice. The course delivered on this and reaffirmed I was on the right path.  What I hadn’t expected was the changes I experienced on a personal level from the course and coaching sessions.

The other participants were an amazing group of individuals and the sharing that occurred during the five days during the coaching sessions made me feel comfortable in sharing with them and as a result I was able to recognise how certain challenges and behaviours have played out in my life. Yet also recognise how far I have come on my own journey of self-development and areas that still need some work on.

The gift board I received of my unique qualities and strengths was beautiful. To hear this and see this written down was an experience I will never forget.  I loved that we contributed to the others’ boards during the week to allow them to hear and see what their qualities and strengths are.

Janine Langdon-Lee
Dr Pamela J. Stoodley

The face to face coaching is the top most beneficial outcome of this course.

I went through a coaching session by a real life coach! that did two things for me - it showed me how powerful life coaching can be AND it reiterated my calling to be a life coach by ridding myself of that imposter syndrome I carried with me.

Since the end of the course, I've been revved to start! I've created my brand design and a website is currently in progress, I've reached out to the other participants of the course to exchange testimonials to be added to my website. I'm currently in the process of writing my content for the website and completing that book I was meant to finish last year :)

It was exciting, just what i was hoping to gain and more.

Our trainer/coach Jordan - she's such a natural and the tools that she has gained over the years of her practice along with her innate astuteness is all such a beautiful package on the whole to be guided, taught and trained by. it was delight to watch her coach at ease and was comfortable and fun to be coached by her. A life long connection made.

Dr Pamela J. Stoodley
Nikki Patterson

“I went on the programme with the intention to build my coaching skills and potentially get some personal growth along the way.”

What I actually came away with was a profound sense of self, an amazing new community of people to network with and the confidence to BE an even better coach.

This is just the beginning!!

Nikki Patterson
JoAnne Flannery

I began with a curious open mind. Sara was immediately approachable and welcoming. The fellow attendees were awesome to get to know and it was a privilege to hear them share their stories.

My biggest take for the training is that we ALL have a story and with the training environment to share, focus, and gain direction and clarity to take what I had learned back into everyday life was so powerful. I honestly know my life has now shifted in direction towards a more fulfilled and purpose driven future.

I am so appreciative of all involved in creating such a wonderful training. Thank You.

JoAnne Flannery
Debbie Barham

The course was everything promised and more - true transformation personally, and practical skilled training that could be put into practice from the very first day.

The learning environment was extremely supportive and empowered us to step to the edge of our comfort zones in the knowledge that our wonderful facilitator and the amazing group of like-minded attendees from very diverse backgrounds truly cared about each other.

An excellent balance between skills and knowledge, practice and observation, and personal and professional development.

Debbie Barham
Linley Erskine

“Nothing less than inspirational, actually transformational! I was transported to a new world of deeply affecting coaching opportunities, engaging teaching practices, heartfelt tips and management ideas from a range of amazing classmates and course lessons led by an inspiring teacher.

Finally, sitting in a chair facing your fellow students whilst they offered descriptive words about the real you they had come to know was both humbling and a beautiful keepsake to remind me of the impact those few days had on my self belief and confidence. I am still processing this experience and eager to begin the online work.

As a result of finding direction on the course, deciding on a specific path and sharing this with others I have found doors opening with interested friends and family offering free marketing, branding, office sharing facility and other support!

Wow what a difference five days can make!"

Linley Erskine
Therase Apatu

I made a new group of friends who share the same love of helping others. Jordan is such an amazing, vibrant trainer who has the ability to engage with us all. I did not feel like a 'student' as she drew on the passion and life experience we already had which made me confident in my journey.

I loved the coaching sessions and had 2 major breakthroughs which I then expanded out even more in a group coaching. This has been a life changing, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Therase Apatu
Bridget Robertson

I was totally empowered, encouraged and supported. I faced fears and broke down barriers, I came away as a totally different person, with confidence, assurance and absolutely excited.

I have a plan now and I will accomplish great things. I’ve learnt so much about myself and am ready to help others achieve similar breakthroughs…I’ve already written up a vision board to watch my progress.

Bridget Robertson
Louise Crowe

By far the best course I have attended on a personal and professional level.

Sara was AMAZING! The content and the learning we took from it was so impactful.

I loved the way there was theory, however, we would discuss, practice and reflect throughout... and the learning felt painless but so impactful.

I really got to the core of what I believe in and what drives me, I've always known it but found the various coaching exercises we did really honed this for me.

I've started to create the wording for my website, thought of my cost structure and also I want to gift 5% of my earnings to an organisation that aligns to my core beliefs.

Louise Crowe

I felt I needed some tools to help my patients/ clients whilst waiting for them to get appointments for counselling.

Best decision I've ever made! It has changed my confidence and my plan in moving forward in life. I truly feel I can achieve anything!

Dr Lisa Amin
Ashleen Ravidutt

Every day during and after my course, I felt empowered. Being with like minded people boosted me as a person, showing me that this is truly me and I am meant to be a coach.

I discovered who I am, the breakthroughs in discovering that I can actually do this, by the lessons given in-class just took me to another level. The progress I have made is phenomenal as I have begun doing the tasks I have been holding off.

Ashleen Ravidutt

The course was everything I expected it to be, but I got more out of it than I would ever have dreamed.

At an age when everyone is telling me, it's time to retire, I'm really excited about being in a position where I can 'Give Back' and share my life's experiences to provide a mirror/reflection to help create breakthroughs for people to have exciting and powerful lives.

I have made life long friends I believe since doing the course. The deep connections made that week were really powerful.

It was awesome to be part of a group of individuals who allowed me the privilege to be part of their lives and have an amazing leadership team participated and shared in each others lives

John Daniels
Laura Harvey

Jordan is an excellent professional teacher. She is a very good listener, she is absolutely amazing, she has been the best teacher I have ever had.

I loved every part of the training. I enjoyed the learning material. I found it all simple to understand and natural to apply when coaching.

Being coached by others on the course was so uplifting and I got all the understanding and solutions I wanted from each session I had with each of the coaches I had on the training course. I loved how we all shared together personal experience strength and hope.

I learnt so much from everyone on the course. The best part was the breakthroughs I saw everyone have and the abundance of strengths and talents we all left with to go live our best lives, flying our own paths.

Laura Harvey

Sometimes you walk into situations expecting one thing, and you walk away with another. That’s how I felt after attending this training programme.

What I initially went for was to build my skills in coaching to either blend into my existing business advisory company and gain accreditation in the art of coaching. I did that, but I walked away with a deeper insight to what I needed at this stage of my life, it made me stop the noise and reflect.

By doing so, it has profoundly reset me so that I can be a better Mother, Wife, Friend and person. The course extended me out of my comfort zone to become the best that I can be, so I can be the best with my clients.

Thank you, for this opportunity as it was very timely.

Jordan was incredible, what a gifted intuitive, beautiful individual. I loved her training style and her enthusiasm. She genuinely wanted everyone to succeed, and it was important to her that we all left feeling more confident and balanced.

Sally D.
Ian Winson

Josh was awesome mainly as he has life experience outside of the norm. I am now in the process of formalizing my own part-time life coaching practice.

The course was extremely interactive which allowed for experimentation without the fear of making a mistake.

Ian Winson

The course was transformational for all! It was a journey in self discovery while gathering keen insights on how we all are bound together by similar human emotions, desires, fears and aspirations.

Christine Walter was an astute teacher, guide and coach steering us all towards realising our goal of becoming a Life Coach by Day 5 and which we did. It was truly rewarding to be in this course.Thank you!

Ragini Gautum
Michael Keith

The course fulfilled its intention of having the participants 'being life coaches'. No role play. Practical and wide-ranging exercises and effective coach modelling sessions with participants' real issues.

Realised my desired outcome and am fully engaged in developing my life coach business now.

Jordan the trainer is an exceptional tutor and modeller, and obviously a highly skilled coach. Realised this was a role to grow into and entirely doable.

Michael Keith

This course is life changing. You go along to dip your toe in the water and see if it's for you and you walk away starting to prepare your business plan!

The connections you make are beyond expectation as you share your journey through opening up and coaching and being coached by your peers.

I have now got my first client and am currently working on my business plan to go live in January 2022!

No looking back, only forward!

Frances Bricknell
Michelle Bakker

"The Breakthrough Life Coaching Course was incredible!"

I definitely got what I wanted from it and more... much, much, more. I've had three coaching enquires already, and I completed my first phone session today with a client in California. Feedback was fabulous.

Christine was amazing! So inspiring, motivating, challenging and allowing...!

Michelle Bakker

"The Breakaway Course was a total life changing week for me". It was amazing to steal away from everyday life and be tucked up for a week adding more tools to my current career with the most phenomenal group of people.

One of the most powerful experiences was meeting so many people from different walks of life. Experiencing the bonds between us all grow and develop over the course of the week and the encouragement received from our Facilitator and other course members was such a confidence boost helping me to develop my unique expression of Life Coaching and not conforming to a mold.

I am currently in the process of developing Life Coaching programs tailor made for the target market that I will be seeing and am motivated to learn even more from the resources provided online.

Would highly recommend this course. For personal development as well as adding additional techniques and tools to the professional tool belt.

Michal Johnson
Sharon Wilcox

I loved meeting people from all walks of life, different experiences and skill sets. I loved that through our time together we were prepared to be vulnerable and share stories.

The skill sets learned were all very practical and the advice regarding development of our own coaching style and business were invaluable.

Sharon Wilcox

This training has been such a special experience. My confidence, motivation and inner knowing have been well established. Focussing on where I am going in terms of building my life coaching business and self development is a Joy to be immersed in.

And most of all I have come out knowing that I am a life coach because "It's in my heart, It's who I am". Yeehaaa!!!

Pania Baxter
Wendy Riley

"The Breakthrough Life Coaching Course was such a transformational week." An incredible experience learning new skills with amazing people and Christine has to be one of the most personable teachers I have come across.

The week was filled with learning and delivered in a way meant I was truly able to connect to and understand the information provided. It was such a lovely environment to be in for the week. Lots of fun too!

"I had a few personal breakthroughs myself and quite a few after. With the knowledge I now have, I feel I will benefit from a more balanced life and have the tools to pass on to other people.”

Wendy Riley

OMG where to start! An amazing week of personal growth was only the beginning of the gifts this training gives.

I loved doing this training course. "Gave me everything I was hoping for and so much more." As well as an amazing trainer and coach to learn from the other participants were another unexpected source of great joy as we had a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds so each person contributed a perspective that broadened our opportunities to consider the range of clients we could be working with.

The openness and vulnerability that people allowed themselves to show gave me the confidence to share my own inner challenges more comfortably and this meant that I was able to work through some deep and previously uncomfortable issues I had recognized were not serving me well.

It was both exhilarating and exhausting and at all times an extremely positive experience. I never once felt less than totally safe, supported and encouraged which was wonderful. I have been able to shift some bad habits that had been bugging me for quite some time and I returned home with a great mindset and lots of new skills.

Also the followup emails of accountability to commitments made during the training week mean I stay focused on the goals I have set for myself. It's great to feel supported by a wider organization and to have a sense of purpose and clarity in my direction from here.

Oh and the gift board ... an amazing set of affirmations of our unique qualities and strengths !! Just the most empowering and humbling experience of love and recognition I have ever experienced.

Our facilitator and trainer Christine is so empowering, compassionate, generous and knowledgeable that I came away feeling like I am capable of achieving ANYTHING I set my mind and heart on.

I have met beautiful people, made new friends, learnt so much and grown in ways I didn’t even know I was looking to. I hesitated for so long before committing to this training and it was completely and utterly the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. JUST DO IT!

Annie Gleeson

"Outpaced my expectations as one of the best learning experiences I've experienced to date."

From the get-go, the learning environment was positive, motivating and inspiring. The strengths based approach aligns perfectly with the way I prefer to work with clients, to build on their intrinsic values, beliefs and natural talents.

Ed is a motivational speaker who delivers inspirational stories coupled with a plethora of knowledge. Sara is an inspirational Trainer and a wonderful example of coaching in motion.

All Students held a high level of engagement throughout the five days, from day one when we tested our freestyle and new coaching techniques we then participated, shared and learned from one another as the days progressed.

The training ended with 18 inspired, motivated and enthusiastic Life Coaches all ready to spread their wings and fly.

Thank you to everyone at The National Life Coach Center, I most definitely feel part of a supportive and connected coaching community and highly recommend this training opportunity to anyone looking at becoming a Life Coach or wanting to add new tools to their belt.

Debbie McMillan

"Since doing the life coaching course my life has changed so much." Life coaching is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never made the time to invest in myself. I’m so glad that I finally did.

The course exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The life coaching course is very hands on and it was great to get the practical application. The content was relevant and easy to follow. Our facilitator was always on hand to help, advise and guide us all.

I have made life long friends I believe since doing the course. The deep connections made that week were really powerful.

I would recommend anyone thinking of attending to stop thinking and just do it!! You won’t regret it.

Since completing the course I’m in the process of setting up my own life coaching practice. Something I would never of dreamed of six months ago. Thank you... Through you I’m now on my true path.

Rachel Valvoi

I would encourage anyone looking to improve their own belief and interest in sharing knowledge to this course.

This has also allowed me to understand me, where I am going and how this could impact on people that are like minded and also ones who are looking for help to find direction.

It was amazing to be in a room full of like minded people who share a similar passion.. There are not many courses that you go on that all the people in the room want the best for all in attendance.

Support from all levels was incredible... Sara and the team simply wonderful.

Joan Smith

The Life Coaching Breakthrough course I would recommend to anyone who is seeking first hand coaching experience, with guidance from Jordan Shearer an expert Life Coach and first class course facilitator. The course positioned me with practical coaching experience and the confidence and knowledge to begin my Life Coaching apprenticeship and engage in the process of establishing a Life Coaching business. A highlight was the connections made with everyone who participated on the course.

Marc Paulik

Thank you Jordan! Your facilitation was so effective due to your relational approach yet also setting the expectations of engagement to make the most of the experience and gain the certification.

The practical aspect made the experience authentic which really connected us with the reality of the coaching world. This experience allowed me to add skills to my mahi and on a personal level I can re-evaluate my own journey. I will be following up with coaching in my own right. So grateful for the experience. Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu- adorn the birds with feathers so it may fly.

Liz Tocher

I entered the breakthrough course with a desire for a new direction, not really knowing if Life coaching was going to be it. I got so much more than a new direction.

I have left empowered and focused. I have learnt new skills and developed my innate skills within myself. I’m feeling the most positive I have felt in a long time and my life was already awesome.

Our class was incredibly inspiring. I met such awesome people who have become friends. I see life coaching as my future and have already started to implement action towards reaching this goal. It’s very exciting.

Thank you to Christine for showing us the way, just a magical experience.

Paula Kempthorne

The course was invaluable, meeting inspiring people and affirming my desire to empower others to become their best.

Within 2 days of completion I have a business structure, stationery on order, secured an email address, web domain and set up a meeting with the accountant!

Vanessa O'Rourke

"The course was everything I expected and more! Being in a group setting, the relationships and rapport and support was incredible and made the learning journey even better."

Having a great facilitator like Josh, meant I learned a lot, we covered heaps in a short period of time but I left feeling excited - I know have the tools and experience to build a successful life coaching business.

Katherine Roberts
Sheralyn Dee

Prior to doing this course I was really unsure what I wanted to do with my life. I have learned so many things about myself and others participating in this, things I never expected!

The course has helped me develop my self awareness further and I can see with clarity! For the first time in my life I feel free, creative and excited about what is next. I also made the most amazing friends, with shared experiences.

Sheralyn Dee

"As a graduate of the Breakthrough Life Coaching course, my first thought whilst on the course and after the course would be "WOW"." That was not what I expected. It was actually better than I expected - actually I didn't really know what to expect so I was really surprised and happy that the course ended up being more of a life journey than a qualification for me.

I was totally surprised at what came up for me in 5 days both personally and professionally. We learnt so much about ourselves and each other and it was so nice to see the growth and confidence shining through my team mates by the end of the course.

My professional breakthrough from early in the course was that I do have the skills to help others plan, define and implement business ideas and this is where my passion lies. I have coaching skills to work on but now I have a better awareness of where my strengths lie and know to focus on those.

I know all of us on this particular course wished it was longer as the positive connections we made went a long way in helping us define our goals so we are definitely making the effort to keep working together moving forward.

I would recommend taking this course just to see what happens. If you have no clear goal or an absolute goal I really feel the clarity, connections, learning and support can only help with making positive change in your life, work and relationships.

Geraldine Shackleton
Nicola Allan

I knew as soon as I decided, and then went onto finding a Life Coach Training provider, that this was the one for me... it was the underlying deeper, source code words that I associated with like: Law of Attraction, Inner Self, Intention, Intuitive, Abundance etc.

I felt I had an open platform to be myself and share what I know and feel. I always felt respected and heard. The group was a good number of people and I so much appreciated their stories and questions.

Nicola Allan

Wow what a week. Jordan’s vibrancy for life and natural coaching skills was amazing to watch and be apart of. Jordan created a safe warm space for our class to share our journeys and explore our futures as life coaches.

All my expectations were well and truly met over the course of five days. I walked in wanting to learn to be the best coach I could be I left inspired, elated and a new Life Coach. So happy.

Selena Chaffney

Coming from a very physical vocation in the outdoors I had some trepidation around 5 full days of training but the days flew by and each module flowed onto the next, broken up with exercises involving coaching and being coached by our peers and lots of interactive discussions.

Rachel Scrimgeour-Cruikshank

Before I attended the 5day course I thought life coaching was a surface level, get off your butt kind of thing but it went so much deeper. It gets to the heart of the matter very quickly and has amazing tools to help.

It surprised me the barriers that showed up during that week and how I moved through them using the tools. I was able to show up in all my authenticity because the space was so supportive and safe. I met like minded people after feeling so alone on my journey and we will use each other to practice on going forward.

None of it feels scary any more!! The best thing is there were so many talented people that I have their skill set to draw on as well. One word - EPIC

Dani O'Connor

The week was so action packed, supportive, safe and engaging. I am a reflective thinker so, one week after, I am reflecting! With the sessions about establishing a Coaching practice, I feel absolutely confident moving forward that I will be safe for myself and my Coachees.

Everyday on the course was a mix of learning about life coaching and getting to know myself (I thought I know myself well!). All other Life Coaches were my coach over the 5 days and I was theirs! This was a truly amazingly powerful learning experience - something I have never experienced before, and will so value.

One week post course I have drafted a Coaching Agreement, Intake Form and talked to a community group I have links with about opportunities they can have to talk with me about being one of my coachees. Before the end of November I hope to have 2 non-paying coachees who will give me a testimonial. With a busy professional life (for the next year) I want to build up a small client base in 2022.

Jan Lockett-Kay

I loved the practical application of Life Coaching from the get go. Our teacher Jordan, made the learning easy and very enjoyable and because of this method, the rapport and camaraderie between the students was rich and provided a safe environment to explore our own journeys.

I felt encouraged to explore coaching using my previous skills hand in hand with the guidelines given. So each student comes away feeling confident in developing their own individual coaching style. Highly recommend this training.

Fiona Ross

The training was a very powerful experience. I was fortunate to have a great teacher. I learned more about myself and let go of past things holding me back.

I feel confident and tell others; "I am a wellbeing coach" I know I am capable of coaching people because I did so during the course.

Esther Harrison

This course was most enjoyable on many levels. The coach was excellent in presenting in a relaxed and encouraging way. Learning how the right questions can expose answers that lie within the individual seeking clarity and direction was a lightbulb moment. Exploring how various exercises help to dig deep in to our thoughts and help move us forwards was most enlightening.

Since the course I have been mindful of how I talk to people both at work and outside of work. It has led to more in-depth conversations in the last week. I have two acquaintances who are keen for me to Life Coach them. This was unexpected as I had intended to seek out potential clients through my work.

I feel encouraged by a comment that 'I would be good at that' which is helping me to form a plan for the future in Life Coaching.

Maree Frost

Attending the course was a life changing moment for me, I really enjoyed the people and the sharing of their stories, I got a greater understanding of being a life coach and it equipped me with the tools so I can go out and empower people to make the change and be the person they want to be.

I had a breakthrough in self belief and after finishing the course I realise to continue this I need more people around me as cheerleaders so I can keep the momentum going. The progress since... well I ended up coaching without realising it and it was a wonderful and rewarding feeling.

Also realising yes I can do this!!

Genny Cameron

The course was comprehensive and gave us many tools to help others (and ourselves) achieve their goals. Coaching for real (not role plays) gave us invaluable experience and breakthroughs. Josh is an inspiring teacher.

Debbie Williams

Breakthrough Coaching was a phenomenal experience. I have been hesitant to grow my coaching practice. The way the group came together and the practical experience gained during this course has given me the confidence to get out there and coach.

Brenda Banning

I came to the course with the sole intention of digging deeper and gaining more insight into my own mind, and soul, and Being. Knowing that, or coming to the realisation that I can only truely help others to gain that same paramount ability to know thy self, and to discover our beautiful unique purposes for Being here.

Well this 5 day Breakthrough experience BLEW MY MIND xxxooo. I didn't know what to expect except I just knew it in my knower that it was going to be mamoth. Writing about it now I am welling up with tears of Joy at the significance of this course for me. 1000 time's better than anything I was imagining for. I would've paid $10k...easy x. Look out....Heeeeeeeere's ALLAN!!

And I have 10 wonderfull new positive Life Coaching buddies, and all their ongoing support and resources to utilise on my own Life Coaching journey. WOWZERS.. I truely 110% recomend this 5 day course to anyone actually. Seekers of the answers to the Big questions of Life :-$

Absolutely loved and enjoyed it too. I AM expanded hahaaaaa!

Allan Crosbie

A fantastic experience. Not only was the trainer highly skilled and knowledgeable, but I took a huge set of tools, insights, further reading and made amazing connections during this week!

Christine Zeschniok

Loved my week long course. It was a very supportive environment with a small class. This enabled interaction with each person. Whom I trust will be life long friends.

Helen Barry

8 months grieving having lost my job. Tyre kicked options, was receiving emails from Ed, a place became available 2 weeks out, I mulled it over for 24 hours then took it as a sign and confirmed my place.

Thoroughly enjoyed being a 'client' rather than role playing. Made some interesting distinctions about myself. Wonderful being in a large group (20) & changing partner each time there was a coaching session.

Josh is a great educator, very approachable, flexible with the program & shared his coaching experiences which was hugely beneficial.

Karyl Anderson

At the beginning of the course Jordan stated you all will not be the same after this course and holy shit it's true as I've gotten over self limiting beliefs that I haven't been able to before.

This course has brought me many new life long friends. So good my wife is going on the next one!

John Lawrie

The course was an amazing safe space to share stories and receive some valuable coaching while also taking on new skills and having the opportunity to practise with a friendly group.

Kara Thomas

I was looking for a life coach and came across this information and decided it would be great to learn how to both self coach and coach others.

This week was transformational. There were several light bulb moments which will change the way I think and feel and act moving forward. These came partly from the material covered but equally from the other participants who generously shared their rich life experience and wisdom. The hands on nature of the course with real life coaching was enlightening and moving.

Jennifer Austin

I enjoyed every second of the training. It was more intense than I expected, but that was great. I loved seeing how people flourished throughout the week and even though I had no expectations around a breakthrough for myself I definitely had one.

I went straight into putting the techniques into practice and adapted my business style for my main business with immediate results.

Greater clarity quicker for clients is just one positive from the course, and there are so many. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to help other in a meaningful way whilst discovering more about themselves too.

Christine is an extraordinary trainer and her style makes it easy to do what you need to do to get the work done on yourself and enjoy the learning process. The biggest surprise for me was how safe we all felt to be completely vulnerable and honest. She created a wonderful environment for us.

Stephanie Holloway

It was a powerful course, and the best part about it was the amazing people I met and people I'll never forget, just after 5 days!

Blair Williamson

The life coaching course was life changing - helping me build the confidence to follow my passion to be a life coach.

Vanessa Donald

The course on the whole gave me a sense of self-awakening and it was really enlightening, it has given me the confidence to share my experience and expertise and to finally live my dream as a life coach.


The seminar gave me excellent tools for becoming a life coach. Loved it.

Eric Schwerzel

Really loved areas I resonated hugely with and enjoyed being challenged by areas I was not fluent with. I was like a sponge the whole time right down to cellular level. My course team were hugely supportive and encouraging and Josh was an amazing tutor and an inspiration.

Donna Smith

A fantastic course for anyone looking to change their life - real life experience - Your real life is the best part!

Mons Longley

I learned lots of different approaches to coaching, got to learn about some of the self imposed limitations I had about my ability to coach certain clients and benefited a lot from meeting like minded individuals who are keen to make a difference in the world through coaching.

I want to add that Jordan is a super star trainer. I was especially pleased by her style of coaching and her ability to train other coaches.

Hamada Eleleimy

I had a wonderful time on the 5 day breakthrough training course. It was great to immerse myself with like minded people in a respectful environment.

I notice myself utilising the skills we practiced over the 5 days in every day life and even better this new way of communicating is working.

It’s a fantastic week full of self discovery which I would highly recommend!

Shelley Martin

I met people from different backgrounds, and I can see myself through listening to their different stories which is a great way for self reflection. I've got more self confidence and become a much stronger person through the sharing and practicing during the course.

The biggest breakthrough I had by taking part in the course is that I discovered a lot of good stuff about myself to be a good coach in future, which is really exciting and encouraging.

So, to be a coach has become one of my career options. I'll definitely try that direction. What is even better is I can definitely use the skills I learned from the course to make a better me and do better in whatever I do.

May Xiao

Once commitment was made, turning up on Monday morning was a world of unknown and if anything was going to be different by the end of the week, well it was different in the best possible ways.

Meeting a class full of fantastic, professional people who all had different reasons for being on the course, combined with amazing tutors this was a safe, fun, and enjoyable week that made it easier to breakdown a few barriers.

I walked out on Friday evening with much stronger inner confidence and clarity going forward in present and future endeavours.

I recommend this course to anyone that wants to open up a whole new vision.

Mark Johnston

The course was transformational. I came out of the course with a new outlook on life and finally a purpose! Plus I’ve made some awesome new friends!

Vanessa Jones

The course was hands on and I felt it really prepared me for building a life coaching business. I would highly recommend the course.

Stefanie Schmitz

What a fantastic experience. Way more than learning to be a coach, I also had many personal breakthroughs. The other participants became part of the learning journey and I was humbled and inspired by their vulnerability and generosity.

Melanie Mayell

I was under a particularly heavy workload and feeling unfulfilled and I thought 'there has got to be more to life than this, I need some skills!' I then researched Life Coaching courses and there it was!

This course helped me transcend from a decision to improve my own life to having the confidence in my capability to use my experience to help others.

Helen Shale

I enjoyed the whole course. I gained better understanding of myself and through others experiences, which were all relatable, was able to also shift some of my own personal blocks or identify them.

This, with the tools learned, I can now also help myself to move forward. I also gained clarity around what I want to do with my future.

Tracy McKenzie

I loved attending the Life Coaching course. I had quite a few break throughs…

One in particular when I was feeling stupid and thinking I wouldn't be able to pick it up. So I used that in our next exercise and learnt it’s OK to be me and learn in my own way. We all learn differently… that's OK, I’m not alone, I have someone beside me.

Because I love energies when Josh gave an example of a life case I was able to see the block and understand what was happening with the client.

I loved meeting and working with so many beautiful students.

Lorraine Thomas

The course was simply amazing! Packed full of information, techniques and tools. I really enjoyed working through the course content with the other members in the group.

It enabled us to really connect and learn how to work through these tools and techniques with our clients. It was full on, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

Josh made it for me. I loved his insights and stories which really resonated with me personally.

Claire Goad

It was the right time not only to change my life for the better and also to change the lives of those around me for the better.

This 5 day course gave me the drive and focus to start a new business. It is a course with heartfelt purpose.

Can I also say the course last week changed my life so a very big thank you for that as well.

Garry Hamnett

Realising other training participants are having similar thoughts and experiences to me was reassuring. I wasn't on my own with thoughts. There were particular exercises we did that really resonated with me and I am looking forward to putting them into practice. I am currently putting my new business together and I have my first client next week.

Valerie Daikee

A wonderful experience. I learnt such alot of valuable tools for working as a lifecoach. The bonus was connecting with so many like minded people.

Jenny Keogan

The course was great and I really loved how we got to jump right in and practice our skills from day one. There were lots of amazing people who all had wonderful stories too. It was a great opportunity to learn and develop as a person.

Nicola Burton

The course was both transformative and practical. It lit up and affirmed our individual capabilities and helped us to say a resounding 'yes' to the future. I see this training course as the first step in a decade of mega personal growth for me. The bonding of all on the course was phenomenal and will provide a relational support base to engage in future projects. Christine was an amazing course leader on many levels. Do I feel lucky that I had this opportunity? Absolutely.

Brett Muir

My Life Coach course was with an exceptionally friendly and supportive group, very ably facilitated by our coach Jordan... even if I don’t work as a Life Coach, I’ve learned some really valuable life skills for myself and my friends/colleagues.

Silke Powell

I really enjoyed the course and Jordan as a teacher was just amazing!! She is very authentic and supportive! I couldn't imagine a better teacher! I had some eye openings and realizations. Thank you very much for that!

Uschi Suz

This course was perfect for me. It reinforced my belief that I am naturally a good Life Coach with lived experience and an unquenchable desire to help people live better, happier lives. The tools taught by Christine are practical and effective and the opportunity to coach fellow students from all walks of life is unmissable.

Liz Bradley

Being around positive people and hearing their stories and testimonies of conquering their fears and obstacles... has taken me to another level of positivity and moving forward no matter what the obstacle in me or surrounding me.

Tame Paki

Coming into the course I thought I was pretty level headed, had my stuff sorted and was ready to get into it. Through the course I soon realised that there were a few blocks holding me back from reaching my full potential. These were based around fear mainly and all stuff I thought I had dealt with in the past. For me I found the power in a can do attitude and have come out the other side feeling invincible.

I loved that the course was as much being coached as it was learning how to coach others. I feel I can be 100% authentic not only in my practice as a coach, but also in my own being. I am now powering on to start my own life coaching business and fulfill yet another dream of mine. I am incredibly grateful to my fellow coaches and my trainers for an amazing experience.

Chanel Hall

The course is designed perfectly to guide students through the process of becoming a resourceful, thoughtful life coach.

Karen Huaki-Feaver

The course was incredible, from the moment you walked into the room you knew that everyone was there for the same reason, it was an instant mutual respect. You started coaching on day one and continued to until the end of the week always learning new techniques and better understanding yourself. You helped people have their own breakthroughs and got to hear how other people see you, this was so great to have what other people in your life tell you confirmed - especially as they had only just met you.

We were privileged to have two coaches which gave us insight into different coaching styles.

Since the course I have continued to pursue this, watching and listening to podcasts etc.

As a group we have stayed in touch and I'm in the process of making this a permanent part of my life and looking forward to helping others.


This course really caused me to think differently and to question so many of my beliefs, and what was holding me back. After the course, I felt a lot more confident that what I want to do is possible. The other students on it were incredible and I'm sure several of us will be supporting each other in future.

Jane Cook

I thoroughly enjoyed the course both in terms of applying extra tools and skills to my own practice and my own personal development and growth. I enjoyed the models that we coached each other on, e.g. - Neurological Levels, moveable comfort zones, and the questions lists that we worked through together for deeper exploration. I also found the story-telling of the Instructor and others on the course aiding my uptake of the learning of concepts and models.

I personally had a breakthrough of my own self-sabotaging behaviour around self- acceptance and love. Through the constraints log diagram and moveable comfort zones this has shifted for the good and I feel like a new person with so much energy to play with now. I had no idea I was draining myself of energy on a daily basis to such a degree!

This course has been super beneficial for me to see the impact these tools can have on potential clients in the future and how I can facilitate this process for the benefit of the client.

Sarah Blundell

After the course, I felt coached to face a new employment or business venture. My confidence to do that has been boosted.

Olga Paradza

New Year new beginning and felt life coaching would be a good addition to my tool box to fulfill my life purpose.

The first day of the course I was wanting to run away from life. I had so many issues that it was all very overwhelming and confusing. As the week went on things became clearer and although not completely sorted I am more confident and trusting of my self and decisions I make. I went in with an open mind and open heart and was fully committed to learning what I could. Thank you to the amazing group of ladies I was with and Josh and his amazing stories and wisdom.

Christine Beach

I went along to the course with only a basic understanding of what to expect. Within a few hours and certainly by the 2nd day I was totally amazed at opportunities to extend myself and the growth that I personally was feeling. The practical sessions were amazing and enlightening. Knowing that I will be able to help other clients in the same way is very exciting. I have already booked my first 3 clients and I cant wait to start this amazing journey.

Bronwynne Anderson

It was an exceptional training programme that was not only a master class in coaching, but also in applying best educational practice.

Deb Gilbertson

For me completing the Breakthrough Life Coaching Course was about my journey and needs in the first instance, as I had left a position after 15 years and was feeling a bit lost and stuck. The skills and learning I learnt during the week helped me with this as well as opened up a way I could utilise them elsewhere.

For me, being able to help people has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember and I can see that I can do this in a different way that is equally rewarding.

Alexandra Crosbie

...definitely fulfilled my requirement to strengthen my questioning ability, now I can't stop, practising whenever, wherever. This is a key quality of a successful life coach, as is explained in more detail during the week. Be prepared to have your own insights, and lightbulb moments, after all, uncovering what may be blocking or challenging us is powerful too.

The facilitators are authentic individuals, with lots of stories to illustrate the learning.

I found this good value for money, and would highly recommend taking that leap of faith.

[This course] is a beacon, illuminating the benefit of 'hands on' learning, hard to create with a solely online offering.

Chrissy Heathorn

This is the first course I have attended that instilled in me a sense of safety. I could ask questions and share my own thoughts and answers without feeling like I might be judged. Our facilitators, Christine and Josh, were excellent. My group of life coach trainees were also very supportive of each other. I learned so much about myself, confirmed some things I had learned in my own self-discovery journey, and expanded my mind and heart to endless possibilities. I feel 'stronger' and more in control now.

Lilia Sevillano

My perspective has changed over a lot of things. Especially how I see my problems and how I guide or help others. How and why I act the way I do. I have up skilled my problem solving skills.

Lilian Bharat

I had been toying with the idea of doing life coaching and at that time several of my online mentors mentioned how they started with life coaching so that cemented it for me. When I found this course it fit my time frame, and I wanted live, in-person training.

I was blown away by the content of this course. While I have no comparison of other life coaching courses I can't imagine them being much better than this one. The hands on approach and the incredible knowledge from both Christine and Josh with the techniques taught through the week really made this something special. I've made life long friends in just 5 days and have the confidence to go out and begin coaching. Just two days after completing the course I have already booked in 5 clients. Take the course, make sure you put your hand up to get coached, it will change your life 🙂


It built up my confidence in the skills and Know-how in life coaching. The course also opened many windows to me in critical thinking. With the knowledge and the in-course role playing practices, I felt the beauty and power of Life Coaching. The tutors led us to experience the powerful impact on every learner in the course.

After my 5-day course, I applied the techniques that I have learnt from the Life Coaching course to my client immediately and the outcome was great. Now I believe I could be an awesome life coach and enjoyed it very much.

Lily Sha

This compact course gave me a one-week immersion, many practical tips and opportunities to DO IT. It really motivated me to start my own Life Coaching business.


I really enjoyed the course. Christine was an amazing teacher and coach. She was also a lovely person who made the course fun and created a comfortable and safe learning environment.

I was initially wondering whether five days would be long enough for a Life Coaching course. I knew I had loads of life experience as well as work experience but needed to hear an expert in the field acknowledge that this is legitimate life coaching experience, which I'm happy to say, Christine did confirm.

I particularly enjoyed observing and participating in coaching my fellow students with real issues rather than doing random role play. I feel that this course has given me the boost in confidence I need to pursue starting up my own coaching practice and I look forward to doing further training in the future.

Tanya Vliss, Kapiti Coast

I have learnt from the 'Life coaching breakthrough' course many helpful basic well-being techniques. That we all bring many hats and logic to the process of helping others with their journey in life, plus digging deep from our own experiences. The course gives us the tools to empower others in a realistic and meaningful way. Helping with goals and life vision. Thinking outside the square is Fun and Life changing!

I would personally recommend that everyone complete a 5 day Life coaching course at some stage of their lives, not only from a business point of view, as part of personal growth and confidence.

Gaye Daniell, Porirua

From the moment I enquired about the Life Coaching course I knew I was in great hands.

Ruth was open, interested and genuinely passionate about the course and whether it would suit my needs. Sara was a great help and provided all the information we needed from a practical point of view.

I came with an expectation of learning new and consolidating old coaching styles and techniques and left with SO MUCH MORE.

On a professional level I am even more capable of providing a great experience for my clients to grow.

On a personal level I have left feeling empowered to re write my own story. Christine provides the perfect space for growth, development and self love. Her smile and eyes greet you with warmth, sincerity and 100% trust that you will leave a more enriched person at the end of the 5 days. She mixes humour, a passion for life and incredible knowledge and experience to provide an unforgettable learning experience.

It was a privilege to be in such a fantastic, positive setting. THANK YOU


This is an excellent course and I am happy I chose this over other options available. From the moment you arrive, you start coaching, which is unique from other theory based qualifications and is highly valuable on a practical level. Being involved in, and observing demonstrations of transformational techniques to assist the content that is being covered has meant that I have come away from the course feeling confident and competent in my ability to get started as a coach.

This was a very significant breakthrough for me personally as I have always understood the theory of coaching but struggled with the self-belief that I could be a great coach who helps other people change their life. Now I know beyond doubt that I have what it takes, in fact I have already booked clients!

I really learned a lot from the vast knowledge and experience of our instructor who personally went above and beyond to ensure that every person in the class understood the concepts and techniques, and received their own breakthrough for the week, even if it meant spending time one on one with an individual.

Overall, I can not recommend this course more highly to those wanting to become a Breakthrough Life Coach, or to those wanting to improve their skills in the workplace and in their private life. It was a fantastic experience absolutely worth the time and investment.

Krystle Trinder, Palmerston North

I attended this course not knowing what to expect. It was truly one of the most beneficial courses that I have attended. The break through and light bulb moments occurred throughout the course and I now feel balanced and ready to help others as well as myself.

Nikki Latimer, Auckland

It was a fantastic, empowering week. Our group gained a range of frameworks and techniques for coaching, and we observed real-life coaching sessions throughout the week. But perhaps the most powerful component of the course was the chance to start coaching on day 1, and to refine our practice by incorporating what we were learning from the facilitator and each other.

I've learned how powerful coaching conversations can be for driving change in your life and the lives of others, and I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in helping people to achieve their potential.

Renee Jaine

When I signed up for the 5 day Breakthrough Life Coaching course, I was looking to upskill myself in a field I found interesting and considered it a new career shift. During the interactive training I realised how versatile coaching actually is and that its versatility is dependent on what YOU have to offer. Unlike traditional career fields, coaching allows us to offer what we already have abundant within us. The gift of giving back is in the art of allowing others to move forward. Breakthrough Life Coaching has taught me this art and has transformed the way I see my part on the world stage.


This was the second time completing the Life Coach course and I loved it as much as the first. Great week! Broke through with some limiting beliefs around myself and my abilities and have realised that this is truly my passion. Thanks so much Christine!

Beck Metcalfe, Nelson

I loved the break through coaching course, Christine was fantastic and I really felt like I shifted some blocks personally and I feel I have gained the confidence to go after the coaching job I want.

Chantelle Murray, Waipu

The 5 Day Breakthrough course was brilliant. Intense, challenging, extending, profoundly liberating - life changing. Honestly, I'm a better person physically, emotionally and professionally. On Friday I graduated with two certificates in Abundance Coaching and Life Coaching, and I know I truly earned them. I went on this wonderful journey with incredibly warm, generous and courageous people.

With Christine Walter's guidance we learned the theories behind coaching, and we shared our own stories, and we deepened our understanding through hands on coaching. I'll never forget this powerful experience. I'm now committed to further personal and professional development as I build my own career in life coaching. Joining this course was a smart move.

Vivien Adams, Otago

What an amazing course. Emotionally challenging for some but the breakthroughs we witnessed were wonderful. And the diversity of people attending the course was so fascinating. I have already used some of the questioning techniques with a friend's dilemma and seen how they can help with clarity and allow someone to resolve life's hurdles themselves. For me personally, the course was essentially the step I needed to find my true identity. I highly recommend it to everyone who has a passion for life.

Kat Sloan, Blenheim

This course was absolutely amazing. Before starting I had already done a couple of papers in Counselling so I knew I had some issues that were holding me back. I had the most amazing breakthrough when I came to fully recognise the issue holding me back. The scenario didn't just give me a name - I felt the emotion to the souls of my feet. The course enabled me to give true weight and meaning to the issues holding me back like never before.

I enjoyed the whole course. Best week of my life for a long time - half of it was about being with like minded people who are on the same or similar journeys. Online learning is okay but being with a class of people is something else again and if you get that opportunity I would say take it every time.

...I'm inspired like never before.

Anne Brunton, Morrinsville

I would like to thank you for an awesome 5 days in Tauranga doing the Life Coaching Course.  It has given me lots to reflect on and skills for life. It was an absolute privilege to work with such an awesome group of people. [Christine] ran the course beautifully.

And it has made me reflect on how I show up and the words I use in my life and interactions with loved ones and friends. I have gained so much insight about myself and the patterns we run in our lives.

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tina Lyttle, Taupo

Christine was a vibrant facilitator, she kept us on track, was really engaging with a wonderful sense of humour. The days were filled with information, stories, getting to know our fellow class mates. Very much a hands-on course where your bucket is filled and overflowing.

I went on the course with a "let's see where it takes me". After telling my story I received information and over the week, with coaching from fellow coaches, I made decisions that had a positive impact on my future, whereas before I "had ideas and wasn't sure".

I highly recommend this course.

Michelle Butler

The life coach training was amazing. It was an intensive immersion into life coaching. The other participants were incredible people. And the trainer was top class. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to positively change their life and explore a career in coaching.

Nicky Eskau, Christchurch

This course is a game changer for sure. I came on Monday totally green - I had no idea what to expect and was more than a little nervous. From the moment we sat down and Christine welcomed us I felt I was in the right place at the right time and with the right people. This course has so much valuable information and Christine delivers this knowledge with passion and the insight of someone of lives what she teaches.

We started coaching each other straight away and it was the best way to focus on what we were learning. Together as a group we unearthed our own passion and commitment to what we were learning and by doing this we formed bonds that will last for a long time.

This course has changed my outlook on so many things. It’s helped the little girl in me believe in herself and for that alone I will be forever grateful.

I can not recommend this training highly enough - I guarantee you it will be a week you will not forget in a hurry! From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping me unearth the treasures I have held within me for all these years.

Linda Holmes

I have so enjoyed being a part of this week. It has challenged my thinking in many areas and expanded my view of what is possible on both personal and professional levels. Christine's belief in us as transformative coaches created space to step into our role as coaches from day one. This was invaluable as there is nothing better than learning by simply doing! It was fantastic to have such reflective, challenging and inspiring conversation with such a diverse range of like-minded people.

I took the course as a refresher for my own professional development and came away with a profound sense of gratitude for the entire experience and a clear sense of direction going forward.

Thank you Christine for your energy, professionalism, experience and fun. Being a coach is something that applies across the board to any area of life and I doubt you'll regret your choice if you decide to commit to a week of transformation!

Mary Buchan

The biggest breakthrough for me was that I was already on the right track and was able to now add the Certificate to my qualifications and really start promoting myself as a life coach. I have already designed my new business cards and started today in a coaching session.

Maxine White

Often when completing a course I find that once it's over it's forgotten but I've found myself talking passionately about the training and the things I have learnt. I'm looking forward to taking it further.

Sheryl Grinham

I would highly recommend the training. The trainers are so knowledgeable and inspiring. I feel I learned so much and I can't wait to put it into practice.

Claudette Gray

Christine and Josh's knowledge, passion and belief set the environment in which I felt safe to explore my past, present and future goals (and fears) with a group of people that were extremely encouraging and supportive. This course is life changing and will positively impact on all areas of your life. It already has for me.

Gary Davey

Interesting and insightful course. With a great deal of 'real' training. I found things out about myself that were holding me back from my full potential (an emotional experience). This has taken hold and I am now putting into practice what I have learned on the course. Enjoyed every day, well worthwhile.

Kathryn Grindrod

I enjoyed the networking, meeting new people & making connections to people from interesting careers, backgrounds & amazing walks of life. I have grown personally from my mind to that inner sense of who I am & where I belong and what I can plan to do with this inner strength.

Kathryn Fraser

It synchronistically coincided with a very deep, energetic rebirth. I could really realized that I don´t need any more knowledge than I already have to help others and receive the abundance in my life.

Daniela Munoz

I felt the course was really wonderful. Josh is a really good teacher and it was quite inspiring to hear his story. There were lots of light bulb moments although I haven't made much progress with setting up my own practice but I will be doing that in the coming weeks.


Turning up to the training to be honest I was nervous but excited. I have always been confident with a big belief in myself. Then I realised my potential to really make a difference by questioning techniques and drilling deeper that's the mike drop moment.

I coached a young lady and after the session the comment was " WOW...I feel so happy and at peace thank you so much" Like minded people willing to be honest and learn from each other was amazing. This has set me on a path to help people archive the achievable.

Rod Hudson

The feedback from former students said that this course was a life changing experience. I was looking forward to something like that, as I needed a change in my life, but I was not prepared for such a huge impact in my life at such a deep level. Everything that Josh told us resonated within me. I had several breakthrough moments, indicating me the way to go from now. I am trying to find my way through them, but I will definitely use the momentum of the course to make some much needed changes in my life.

Josh was an amazing teacher, transmitting so much enthusiasm, sharing his personal experiences in such an open way, and creating a safe environment for all of us to share personal experiences. What we shared will be treasured for the rest of my life. It made me believe in the goodness of humans. What a ride!

Tatiana Goded

I was a little apprehensive because of the hands-on nature of the training. Although it was full on it was gentle and not intimidating in any way. I also didn't anticipate the network I would gain from the training. Asking questions has never been my strong point and I now feel confident to ask questions - sounds so simple but it has held me back in my personal relationships and most definitely in my business.

Laurel Makowem

The Breakthrough Coaching programme helped me to crystallize my style of coaching, the value I bring to a client's situation and my target market.

Martine Hartley-Parsons

I really enjoyed my life coaching course with Josh and fellow participants. Josh creates & facilitates a great relaxed learning environment. Its exciting and life changing. I was blessed to have a few 'lightbulb' moments on the course.

Kathy Jones

It was an honor and privilege to sit among some of the most amazing people/students, whom all attended this course for various good reasons. We were all looking for something and I found the course very informative to the extend that I am starting my own coaching business 'Coaching business people' I have compiled a business plan and a plan of action to get three major companies in my area to send their managers, supervisors and team leaders for coaching. One company already indicated that they are interested.

Bernard Green

Through the course I have gained real clarity, direction and focus for my business. This has given me energy and determination to get the boring jobs out of the way so that I can get into the areas that I am passionate about. It has helped me to refine what I am putting energy into and I now know clearly what my business is.

Katherine Gillespie

Thanks Ed and Ruth and Sara. The whole class were truly inspirational and caring people. Christine was truly amazing the class are committed to remain in touch with each other. I was truly impressed with the diversity of the people in the class and the shared commitment to make a difference especially from some of the young ones who are already showing so much compassion and determination to "be the difference". Some of the insights they shared well surpassed their years (my observation, as I think probably the oldest person in the class).

My faith in humanity was restored through each day we joined together. Amazing things were shared from the heart and even though we had some challenging moments this week has given me faith to see a way forward to the world becoming more loving and compassionate.  I know  those beautiful classmates will be part of that, as they all have such courage and commitment to make a difference.

Thankyou especially  to Christine who truly inspired some new life coaches to blossom this week.

Lynley Morton

I believe this course, the people I attended with, and the trainer have entirely reshaped my life. The connection between everyone was extremely powerful and galvanising. I will never forget it and I didn't want the course to be over.

Carrie-Leigh Luckings

...[on the second day] we were all off on a path of discovery that all students embraced. The remaining 4 days were very powerful and a lot of candid, emotional discussions took place between students. A great week, and I think a lot of people were effected (in a positive way) You cannot help but gain from attending the course!

Phil Newman

The whole experience was wonderful with so many on the course having ahha moments. My breakthrough was asking myself more engaging questions when resolving a personal situation.

I found also that I now get very curious about what people say in general conversations. This is also very helpful for my hypnosis business as now I can spend time really engaging the client in problem-solving conversation. A really beneficial course for anyone.

Camille O'Donoghue

I loved every minute of this course. I learned a lot and even found out things about myself. I think my favourite learning curve was the power of the correct questions. Christine was great! And I've made some friends for life!

Tracy Hartley

I really enjoyed the group energy created through the hands on coaching sessions through the week. There were several light bulb moments where certain pre-conceived "blockages" released effortlessly through the training as well as the wisdom exchanged by the trainer and colleagues.

I am currently working on my brand and market strategies and networking to professionalize my life coaching experience to the next level. Feel very grateful to have had Christine as our fabulous trainer and to have had the fabulous group that gathered together for the week to create magic 🙂

Zainab Tayyab

I made a conscious decision to attend this course purely for me and my own personal development. I attended on my own and new nobody on the course. Each person was unique and gifted in their own special way.

What blew me away was how I was able to be completely, fully and authentically me and still be accepted for who I was.I had so many breakthrough moments that help me to heal myself from the inside, out. Shifted my own thinking from Blame to Forgiveness and now being able to reframe my conscious mind whilst allowing the unconscious mind to do its thing.. absolutely Loved It!! If you are ready for a breakthrough to transform your self, then this is definitely the course for you!!

Alayna Hokianga

From the point of first connection arriving very tentatively for my first day I was made to feel welcome and inclusive, the chosen Tutor Christine was absolutely stunning in her presentation and passion, inside and out, a true beauty of excellence. I came away from the 5 days full of Hope and excitement to what the future has for me and how I have the ability to impact on society.

Maree Harris

This was the most inspiring, uplifting, informative and hands on course I have ever come across. From the get go it was safe, inspirational, inspiring, full on, practical, energising and so much fun. For 5 days I went home feeling inspired, energised and so looking forward to the next day. I am so looking forward putting it all into practise and feel confident doing it. Best investment ever for yourself, job wise and for your future.

Janine van Rijk

This coaching course wasn't your regular course. It was a journey, a right of passage as a coach. To be able to release all of your own personal baggage before releasing a clients is essential. I had so many moments that made my life make sense. That alone was priceless. I have learned that it is more than ok to be exactly who you are.

Carly Taylor

I feel I was incredibly fortunate in that I had a number of moments of clarity during the sessions and as I allowed things to ferment on my journeys home and to the course. It was both revealing on a personal level and on a professional level. It cemented for me my desire to make a difference and allowed me the opportunity to broaden my people base - whom i now feel connected to on a number of different levels and feel I could access their support and knowledge to assist me in my growth and further development.

Claire Stapleton

An absolutely life changing week.

Christine is an amazing tutor. She takes the time to answer your questions, but can also ensure we stay on time and track.

Amazing peer support group found and life long friendships made.

Joelene Andrew

This course was everything I hoped for and more. On Monday I went in with low self-confidence and an 18-year issue with my weight, by Wednesday I experienced an amazing breakthrough with my confidence which has given me an incredible sense of freedom to achieve anything I desire. Wednesday night after reflecting back on a group coaching session, I had a huge breakthrough with a limiting belief I had had about my weight, I now know I am ready to release all excess weight that no longer serves me.

Christine is a fabulous coach who explained everything in an easy way to understand and follow.

I am excited to say that I am in the process of starting a Life Coach business after years of struggling to find my life's passion.

Angela Bethell

I was really excited to start the course once I’d decided I was going to do it. Getting to the point of actually ‘signing up’, pushing the ‘submit’ button and paying for the course took a little longer but I knew it was only my self confidence and self doubt that was holding me back and just pushing that ‘submit’ button was a big deal for me and there were some nerves.

To say that I shouldn’t have been too worried about it is an understatement. From the first moments of walking into the ‘class room’ on that first day I immediately felt relaxed and not only did Josh our tutor make us feel instantly welcome we as a class just ‘clicked’ right away. It was fun, positive and empowering.

Although we were from all different backgrounds and had many different ‘stories’ we were like minded and there to learn and develop our individual strengths and grow in confidence. The biggest break through for me was being able to stand up in front of everyone and give a short presentation. The feedback I got made me feel great and I knew I had finally found my passion.

I am now in the process of setting up my own business in Life Coaching and am excited about my journey moving forward.

Annemarie Thompson

This is an amazing course and the best thing I've done for myself. Being able to connect with myself at a really deep level has been the best thing that's happened. I now understand the deep reasons I do what I do, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders when I was honest with myself. Christine has a real gift to this world and a wonderful coach, the other students created an environment where you can literally be yourself, they're all amazing people too. It certainly was a breakthrough course and with so much positive energy I wish it was longer.

Brown Makatesa

I thoroughly enjoyed all of my course and thought Josh was a wonderful tutor, one of the best I have ever come across. Although I was the more mature student I felt at ease with the rest of the class and able to keep up with everything.

Janis Newbould

The whole experience really exceeded my expectations. I learnt and discovered so much more than i expected. I didn't realise how blocks in my personal life that may have happened in the past - could be a barrier for the goals I wanted in my future. I was also so inspired by the other people on the course and we have made some really great friends who were all like minded and wanting to create a better future for themselves and others. I am in the midst of creating my coaching business with the knowledge and tools and I am looking forward to see what is ahead.

Denise Lazaroo

What a fabulous course. I thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of the course, it was easy to follow and challenged me in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and appreciated all the examples provided of different coaching scenarios which will help me to put what I have learned into practice. It was lovely to meet so many like minded people and to witness all the transformations and a-ha moments during the week. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start a coaching practice or expand their knowledge in coaching - it certainly ticked all the boxes for me.

Natali Brown

An absolutely amazing week! Words cannot even describe what is was like to be part of this week and meet the amazing people that I did.

Emma Stanley

A truly outstanding week of training and an experience which exceeded all expectations for me personally and I'm sure everyone else who attended would agree wholeheartedly. Two important things I regained above all else from our amazing Tutor Christine Walter's expert Life Coaching were, my self belief and happiness which have been absent for quite a while. I can't thank her enough for that.

Warren Voight

I wasn't exactly sure what I was signing up for in the beginning and was absolutely shocked at the learning and healing I did during the week. The group of people, our trainer, the practise coaching sessions and stories shared by others made my week one of the most life changing weeks I have ever had. I now know I will begin to help change the lives of others.

Jenny Paton-McDonald

I've been on many many courses over the years, especially given that I have a requirement to complete 20 hrs of professional development every year. This course stands out as the best course yet. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone for personal and professional growth. My life will never be the same after the small and big breakthroughs I had. Amazing group and Christine is an amazing person, coach, and trainer.

Stephanie Giles

My experience of the course was incredible. I got all I wanted/needed from the course plus more! It really helped me build my confidence up in my ability to make a change in this world and empower others to find and share their best self with others. I would recommend this course in a heart beat!


My life was so off-track and I needed something to change. I didn't know much about life coaching but it sounded so positive that whatever it was going to be had to be a step in the right direction and it absolutely was life changing.

For me personally I have gained the self belief back that I once had and now working towards a completely different career. It was always my intention to be self-employed again, I just needed self belief back and I have it.

If ever there was a one stop course to change your life then this is it. The compassion and understanding from our tutor and the group was something I had never experienced before. I became a different person in this week. The cost was minimal considering we all left with a fantastic business career that we ready to go. Five days only, unheard of. A must do for everybody.

Tina Johnston

Christine was an excellent presenter; coach; guide. I appreciated her energy, preparation and knowledge willingly shared. Thank you 🙂

Janine Vollebregt

Amazing experience, learnt so much about myself and the power of how words create world.

Aiden Broughton

The course was wonderful. Christine is an amazing teacher and coach. The people I met were all so interesting and wonderful individual human being. I enjoyed every bit of the 5 day training course. I was not sure myself if I would be good enough to become a life-coach that I didn't know what that was about. Through the course, I could reassure of myself and be reconnected to my Being.

All the questions and techniques Christine taught us, first, I was very anxious about them and so couldn't answer. As I used the tools directly to teach and ask to myself before anyone else I could see myself opening a door to the presence. And when I could answer the questions, I could resolve my self-doubt and there was huge relief and I felt joy and peace arose inside me.

From that moment, I knew that I could be just Being when I am engaging with people and give my fullest attention and true Love coming out from the consciousness. I am so glad that the universe gave me this opportunity to find this course. I am still living in peace and joy every day.

Meekyung Ahn

It has been a week of triumph and challenge, success in both my own personal transformation and learning.
I can now hunt for new opportunities and to create them from my own abundance of personal growth into the future.
With the skills and insight to coaching offered by Christine, I loved the atmosphere right down to the very last second of good byes on Friday.

The course brought me out to shine and I will carry it through into everything I do from here on.
I have a greater appreciation and alignment of self now, it blows me away and I have a new word that describes the journey…
"Kick Ass!"

With the other life coaches that sat around me, they are brilliant!
I know many new avenues with more clarity will be created down highways of possibility!

Thank you

Kelvin Bayley

Christine created a wonderful 5 day journey, which encouraged us to actively move around the class, get to know like minded individuals and to apply some NLP and many coaching techniques. "We plunged right in to a pool of coaching hats". At the same time, we were able to release our inner fears and open up and confront them. At the end of our journey, we all received a gift.... don't wait, just do it, the rest is transformational and life changing.

Janine Gemmell

I believe the point of difference between this course and others I have attended in the past is the hands on approach from day one. We did not simply sit there to be talked to but invited to practice coaching in an encouraging and safe environment with the support of the instructor and other course attendants. This practical aspect made me realise what I do well already and what I need to pay more attention to and work on. I gained great clarity about my capabilities and helped me connect the dots of my knowledge, skills and experiences.

Evangelia Papoutsaki

I’m starting to be more confident in how I be me. I never felt judged and I felt the support from the class. The facilitator was amazing as she made it fun for us.


I went to the course not really being sure what I was signing up to, it was done in the middle of the normal family madness. It was more than expected, more than I'd hoped for, totally life changing.....can't thank Christine enough, she knew just how to draw the best out of us.

Claire Brown

I can not emphasise enough how truly life changing this course was. Christine has been one of my greatest teachers and for that I am eternally grateful.

I simply thought I was going to get some new coaching tools and a life coaching qualification, but what I gained was SO much more than that.

I've truly been transformed, the course created the space for me to learn so much, not only new techniques and a whole new way of thinking, but it provided a safe space to explore my own identity and understand my core values and not to mention create connections with some amazing like minded individuals.

I never dreamt by day 5 I would be stood in front of my fellow coaching peers, baring my soul, sharing my story and claiming my power back!!! Amazing.

Ed I can't thank you enough for this experience/opportunity, it has expanded me in the most magical way, I'm truly grateful.

Amy Willoughby

Christine and all the students' passion, love, knowledge and sharing... has left an imprint on my heart and soul.

This class has been transformation and life changing. Christine is inspiring, informative, knowledgable and can hold the class in a structured manner with a fun "You can do it!" attitude.

Dee Petit

This course is life-changing. I have learnt so much about myself and have come away feeling confident, energised and so enthusiastic about my life coaching career.

Georgina Gee

This course delivered far more than expected and passed all expectation. Course content and materials were concise and delivery was clear, powerful and relevant.

Christine's presentation style, humour and depth of knowledge is of an exceptional standard. I have done many courses in the self-development area and throughly recommend this to anyone.

Robert Lees

Thank you so much for a wonderful week! I have learnt A LOT, met absolutely wonderful and inspirational people, and got so much more motivation and knowledge...

The positive energy emitted by Christine was amazing - it was felt by all of us! Being amongst wonderfully strong and inspirational people and being given the opportunity and knowledge to practice my skills.

Lana Slyuzberg

The course is just amazing. Right from the get go, we were given the confidence needed to start coaching and know that we had the ability to be great coaches. I experienced personal growth right from the first day, understanding that it was completely possible for me to have the life that I really want to live, and now that I am coaching professionally, I continue to grow in myself and have the great pleasure and honour of seeing growth and transformation in others.

Kori Reardon

If you enjoy being challenged and are open to transformation, this course delivers it in spades. I gained an awareness of how my own self limiting beliefs, have been holding me back from achieving my full potential. I learned strategies to change and create beliefs to ensure positive outcomes for myself, both personally and professionally. This is a life changing course, if you are prepared to act and are open to making the change!

Annie Canning

An amazing, knowledgable, passionate trainer. The practical components of the week 'without role-plays'. I loved how real it all was - applying tools/strategies to specific situations.

Thank you for such a powerful learning week.  The week was incredible and gave me confidence this is the direction for me.

Danita Frittelli

An inspiring course. Time just flew by and I couldn't wait until the next day. The diversity of people's experiences and strengths combined with the experiential learning approach was fun and hugely beneficial. There were plenty of breakthrough moments but I came away with increased confidence and sense of purpose.

Patsy-Ann Street

What a fabulous week! The declaration on Day1 that we are all "amazing life coaches" was so empowering at creating the safety and confidence to experience a breakthrough. Christine is such an amazing role model. It was a privilege to see an experienced life coach in action.

Catherine Connor

[The course] took me out of my comfort zone in a comfortable and positive manner and led me to change for the better.

Warwick Harvey

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was especially lucky to be with a group that connected. I experienced breakthroughs during the course through the discussions we all participated in as coaches. The whole week was a magic high. Coming away from the course with confidence and a knowledge of my personal abilities will definitely be something I can contribute to anything I do in the future.


The 5-Day Life Coaching training is an amazing starting point for anyone interested in moving into this space for work or fun. The coaches provide a very safe loving environment where all fear from attendants get put to rest and where self development as well as learning new skills is promoted.

You will leave this course with a better/deeper understanding of what a life coach is, and even if you don't become one professionally, the skills you'll pick up will allow to better understand and support yourself and those around you.

Natalia Benquet

The 5 Day Breakthrough Life Coaching course was a great way to bring together other techniques and modalities I have trained in. The practical nature of the course meant that we were actually coaching which was hugely helpful for building confidence and skills. I loved Christine's positive and bubbly energy, and came away feeling much more confident in my abilities and capacity as a coach.


Fantastic course. [The] icing on the cake to my counselling profession.

Gloria Vujcich

I did not know what to expect, but I knew there was hope. What I found was me, myself and I and a whole lot of inspiring friends and new whanau.  Sharing is caring and what you gave is lifelong gifts. I will honour and respect these with integrity. Kia Ora.

Cecelia Waaka

My heart has been re-ignited; this has been the best thing that I have participated in.  I belong, I have found my tribe. Thank you, truly.

Victoria Harrison

The 'hands-on' practical approach... The opportunities to coach and be coached in a meaningful and supportive, safe space... The time allowed to interact and get to know some of the participants on a deep level... Christine's "cornucopia" of knowledge, skills, experiences and inexhaustible patience and energy.

A thoroughly enjoyable training. It well exceeded my expectations. Christine is a first class trainer - insightful, hugely encouraging and "on the button". I shall certainly highly recommend this course.

Brian Johnston

A life changing week, amazing trainer and class mates.  A week I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  I’m looking forward to being an amazing Life Coach. Thankyou Christine!

Anita Jackson

I had no expectations on Monday.  This course has been life changing, affirming and a joy to be a part of.  Thank you Christine

Emma Kneller

This is an amazing course and I am forever thankful for the mind shift and personal transformation. Amazing facilitator.

Rajeshni Sharma

This awesome course far exceeded my expectations.  Fantastic content, energy and pace.  I left feeling on top of the world. Highly recommend.

Kit Hindin

This is a life-enlightening experience.  I have changed myself, intrinsic and extrinsic me.  Totally recommend.

I did find the training enlightening and useful. Even though a lot of the techniques I had been using for some time, it was great to have confirmation and learn of different ways and situations to use them. The five-day intense was very focussing, social, insightful, and useful. Since that time I have been able to develop various programmes for my image clients and been able to help them at a deeper level in many other areas of their lives.

Christine Fromont

It was all empowering course which challenges everyone.  Cleverly put together.

Yvonne Stephens

I enjoyed the coaching within the group, being trusted from the beginning to coach and be coached in a safe environment.  I felt very much I worked through many of my own personal issues and felt amazed [that] I was opening other people's eyes too.

I am still on such a high from this class.  Christine is now one of my heroes.  How she got me to speak in front of 24 people, I will never know so I know it works.  I have made such amazing friends and hope to be changing lives for the better one day soon.  THANK YOU! xxx

Jenny Brookes

OMG I just truly cannot thank you enough for last week!!!  I had the most amazing time and met the most amazing people!!

I am truly  grateful for all that you shared with us and it really enabled me to feel my spark again!!!  I have been wandering around for some time……looking………searching………

Such an interesting experience when you know you have all the gear to make something beautiful happen, except the key tool is still missing and you don’t even know what that is!!!!

Thank you for all your support...  I got my first client yesterday!

Sapphire McGill

I am just totally "blown off my perch" with how much we covered in such easy style.  I truly believe that this course has changed my life for the better, and believe self-doubting, self-sabotaging people need a dose of the wonderful fabulous Christine to get them back on the pathway they need.  I've shifted more than one degree - possibly 20 degrees.

By day 4 I could honestly feel I KNOW I have enough skill to make a beginning at something.  Before it was a dream - now I am very much a part of the inner walls of that dream.  I'm living it.

Such amazing gains this week! Leaps and bounds! Thank you! What a revelation - I am finally free.


[What I enjoyed most about the training course]... The connections made with everyone on the course, the answers I got from just being in the space and from my coaching sessions. AMAZING!

Hollie Mallaburn

You have ignited a spark that I didn't realise had been such a slow burning ember for some time now.... I feel completely energised and motivated now to get on with building my coaching business - and I have your teaching this last week to thank for getting me fired up! I thoroughly enjoyed the training, so much so that I was sad when Friday came and we all said our goodbyes....  I am already working on content for my website, and the process is helping me refine my services and how I want to present myself.


Exploring, networking... stories, understanding, emotion, learning. I am privileged to be part of the stories and values of those who shared in this course.

Helen Johnson

This is a great course.  Profound transformation... exceeds expectations... practical... great days.  Will recommend to others!

Maria Kerensiana

Christine's teaching is so geared towards us as colleagues and people - not teacher/pupil - positive, entertaining, understandable.

The benefits were to be part of a group of like-minded people whose objective was to help themselves and others, to see the progress being made day by day. The pace and delivery of course material was brisk and lively, the venue light, spacious and airy. It gave me a glimpse of possibilities of myself, and for me it was the beginning of a work in progress which still continues.

I enjoyed this course immensely.

Maria Hegedus

I loved Christine and her teaching methods. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the knowledge and the delivery.  This course is empowering and confirmed what I knew and taught me what I didn't.

Michelle Chirnside

I want to thank you for an amazing week, it truly changed my life.

You are an incredible good teacher, mentor and life coach, and I’m grateful for all these new skills I have achieved from you during the week.

I know how fond you are of stories so here’s one for you …

There was this young woman who decided she wanted to become a life coach, but as the years passed by she almost gave up on that dream either it was the time or the price. Then one day she saw this add to become a life coach, she had just enough saving and also the time. There was no excuse this time. She made up her mind and enrolled in this course not really sure what to expect and where it would lead her. During the week she slowly started to change and with that change she lost a bit of her confidence. She went to the teacher explaining her lack of confidence. The teacher then sat down and asked the woman to write down all the qualities she had achieved in life. When the woman had finished, the teacher asked her why she thought she didn’t have anything to offer clients with all those qualities. That was the day the woman transformed and she truly believed that she had what it takes to become a life coach. She graduated the next day and became a confident life coach.

Thank you for your support, kindness and coaching. You are an amazing person.

Please keep me updated with courses as I would like to gain more knowledge.

Kind Regards
Mille Mortensen

Ed and Christine: you are amazing life coaches and teachers.  I learnt so much from you both, thank you!

The course exceeded my expectations. I'll recommend the course to everyone, whether they want to pursue a career in life coaching or not.  The course is conducted in a way everyone can relate and connect to.

The most valuable course ever, best value for your money.

Nuzhat Jahan

The course exceeded my expectations in terms of achieving and outlining my finest breakthrough moments.  The most enjoyable part is the high energy, skill and expertise of the knowledgeable coaches - both Christine and Ed.  The entire picture that I have been enjoying is how beautifully the dots are getting connected everyday, and a clearer picture of what is going on emerges. It's all done by a subconscious level.

The best part of the training is that it is subtly, cognitively ingrained inside the mind slowly, and there is no crazy definitions, formulas etc to work with.  Everything is practical, one on one, hands on - THE BEST WAY TO LEARN EFFECTIVELY.

Erum Ali

This 5 day breakthrough life coaching course is one of the best adult learning experiences I’ve had.

Right from the start the learning environment was positive and uplifting.  The strengths based approach fits with the way I prefer to work building on people’s innate talents and abilities.

Ed is an inspirational speaker. We were captivated by his inspirational stories and coaching examples. Christine is an excellent facilitator and a wonderful example of coaching in action.

There was a high level of engagement throughout the five days. From the first morning we were trying out new coaching techniques. We all participated and learned from one another.

We ended the course on a high note and I now feel part of a supportive coaching community.

Mary Somervell

This is such a great course I have attended it twice, learning great things with a diverse group of people each time.

By attending this course you will gain great tools and resources including marketing in a fun, almost inadvertent manner.

Ed has a fantastic way of dripping in great information through his excellent level of knowledge and a captivating skill of storytelling.

This is a great course for all people in business as well as anyone who is looking to coach people.

A chrysalis-type process - there will be a transformation.


Training with Ed has given the me the confidence and tools to stand strong in the work that I do and move forward. I was aware that clients could step through the 'food' door on their journey to greater health only to find there are other doors in behind. With the life coaching skills I've learnt this week I feel able to go beyond food and empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Kate Broughton, Lifestyle Coach & Whole Foods Educator

For a long time I felt my potential but I didn’t see it. This life coaching course is like Spring coming after a seemingly long Winter. My buds feel that Spring is here and I can grow and free myself from the enclosure of the bud. I can feel the warmth in me grow and bursting to shine so that others can share this life-changing experience. I stand ready as a new born coach

Willam Lam

I came to the course to get more skills in coaching, tools, strategies.  I did not expect that will become a much more meaningful and transformational journey on a personal level.  It became more about rediscovering what’s really important in my life.  This course did help me to breakthrough from self-doubt and disbelief that I am capable of doing things, that I’m worthy.  That feels fantastic, I finally can see myself flying and being free.

Anastasia Grigoryeva

The 5 day training with Ed were completely transformational to my life and career. I never thought that 5 days would've been enough for me to be a life coach. Ed has a really special way to conduct energy within a group of students providing a safe space for people to grow as humans, learn as friends and help each other through the process. We started as strangers and left as a team with a super special bond.

As an amazing teacher and person that he is I HIGHLY recommend the course and the awesome skills and knowledge that he kindly shares on the course that I for now call a Journey.

Thanks for everything Ed, I really really appreciate your work.

Luis Meirelles

You have taken me on a new adventure yet again, a new discovery of self, solidifying my belief in the appreciation of life, both on a personal and professional platform.

Penny Joseph

I chose to come on Ed’s life coaching course from an intuitive place of “This feels like the right thing for me right now”.  Not knowing or expecting too much about what was ahead I have found that my inner confidence to be who I am as a person has blossomed and as such the ability to translate this to success both financially and personally has been huge.

Marketing for my business has been another block which has been removed and I feel I finish this week in a space to move forward with clarity and confidence. Many thanks.

Richard Davies, Health and Happiness Coach

I know now that I’ve been on the right track all along.  I just didn’t have the right tools or the right perception of value.  I do now.

Peter Heays, Lifestyle Coach

The results of attending Ed’s life coaching course over the last 5 days for me have been completely transformational.  The teaching, coaching, resources and energy of this course are unique.

Breakthrough Life Coaching has demolished walls that had been previously reinforced with steel, rigid, impenetrable beliefs of doubt, fears, worthiness which previously overwhelmed my ability to be authentically all I can be to succeed and in turn share my success gifts and talents with others, freely and energetically.

Look out world - I’m on my way!  Thank you Ed.

Namaste, Glo Ramsey

The course with Ed gifted me with ownership of self.  In my mind, there is nothing greater.

Whilst my initial intention was not about self, I leave with the greatest of all gifts!

Thank you.

Tracy Littin


A part of me wanted/expected to just get told what to do.  Which when I’m really honest is so not me at all.

What I found was so much deeper.  Through the creative and dynamic energy of the group, led by Ed, we cut straight through the junk and got right to the point… identity.

Without knowing it, my self-doubt just melted away.  I was validated and reminded how powerful and potent I am.

To me the value of this course is unquantifiable.  Simply put it has brought me home.

To all involved, from the all that I am, thank you!  Love and light

Coach Jae B Walford

… as the week progressed, I realized I was with some of the most powerful, gifted and passionate ‘ordinary’ people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

I leave with the skills, confidence and self-worth to define a new future and a network that is committed to see me succeed.

Jonathan Sweeney

Dear Ed

Thank you so much for the course.  I got far more from it than I hoped for.

Your beautiful way of elevating people made it unnecessary for me to feel uneasy... or hope I was as good as etc…  I found I could just relax in the knowledge that I was good enough to be my true self.

I felt that all the participants were feeling free to be authentic and a lot of love was generated. You built an atmosphere where creativity flowed and exciting things happened.

You are a master at facilitating this learning environment and sustaining it while teaching techniques and theories that have set us up to coach people in our own true way.

Thank you again.

Katerina Hohaia
Kerry Warren

I have been coached trained and lectured by many top professionals over the last twenty years. Ed coached in a format that was different and exciting which allowed me to discover skills which will hugely assist my clients and others in general. If you are a life coach or have intentions of becoming one then this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Kerry Warren

Ed's Life Coaching course went beyond my expectations. His unique style and delivery made each day not only challenging but fun and enjoyable. What I take away from this training is invaluable and will enhance my talents as a Life Coach forever.

I thoroughly recommend the benefits you will get from this course to anybody, especially those looking for training to work as life coaches.

Future prospective students can expect to be stretched challenged and AMAZED, as they become the exceptional life coaches of the future.

Thanks so much Ed it's an experience I'll never forget.

Pania McFadyen

I was very pleased that it was a small group, regionally organized. Communication was prompt and efficient.

Ed's teaching style although informal allows very effective learning. It is well-researched, based on real experience and also involves learning and sharing skills and experiences with others in the group. I learned REAL life coaching skills.

I heartily recommend this course for anyone genuinely interested in helping others grow and wanting to help the world be a better place.

Diana Edmonds

I started the course very excited, however not quite sure what to expect, with no definite goals in mind.

There were a small group of people on the course, which was brilliant for me, as I relate better when there are not great numbers.

I came out at the end of the course, feeling empowered and able to go away planning to start my own practice.

Ed has a very relaxed style of coaching, with rapport, vision and a strong commitment to this personal passion.

I would highly recommend doing any course that Ed offers.

Barbara Kellow

I have recently completed the 5 Day Life Coach Programme.

I found it really beneficial, I gained tremendous insight into my strengths, weaknesses and core values.

The feedback shared between classmates was incredibly insightful. It was quite incredible seeing my classmates also have "Aha" moments, and new unique businesses being born.

I do recommend this course. Its applications and lessons have the ability to take you from A to B and the great news is, it is the point B where you are meant to be in the centre of your own excellence.

Lorraine Vawdrey

Many Thanks to Ed and Ruth for creating a beautiful clearing for us all to explore our infinite possibilities.

Ed's compassionate, creative spirit creates a very rich experimental hands on training, which was most enlightening, flowing with wisdom and inspiration, was fantastic.

One  of the best things over the week, was being part of the many wonderful insights and breakthroughs that everyone experienced.  This was not only exciting but also a real privilege.

Personally when I signed up for the training, I was dragging around tired worn out old limiting beliefs, so I set my sights on believing in myself.  Ed gently, in my own time, skillfully walked me through a magnificent technique.  Now I freely breathe my true essence, my core.

I highly recommend others to this training with Ed, you will have the time of your life, while you achieve your reasons for being there and abundantly much much more.

Annie Robertson

I just want to say a huge thank you for a wonderful week of Life Coach training. This was life transforming, and a thoroughly enjoyable week too.

With a fantastic group of people and your guidance and help throughout your teaching, enhanced with the humour and honesty throughout the group, it was wonderful.

I know and feel a great shift within myself has happened and will continue to do so.

Much thanks to you Ed and to Ruth for her organising behind the scenes, without which these would not happen.

Sandra McAlpine

I came to attend the Life Coaching course with Ed coming from a background of over 25 years as a Fitness Instructor/Trainer and I wanted to learn the art and skills of Coaching verses Teaching.  In fact I held the belief that for me ... learning to Coach verses Teaching would be my greatest challenge in becoming a Life Coach.

I felt anxious about whether a week long course would be long enough for me to learn... the coaching techniques, tools and the skills that I would need to be able to start putting them into practise as a Life Coach with clients.

I definitely got what I had hoped for from the course...plus so much more.
For me to get the most from any group training situation, I need to be able to ask questions and get answers, I also need a lot of practical learning as opposed to a lecture style.

Ed's style of training fit my needs very well as there were 8 of us trainees in total which meant everyone had their questions answered.  Also we were all given a lot of individual attention within the group environment. There was lots of practical learning and that started right from day one and all the way through.

Ed's style of training is unlike any other I've experienced and I found it both refreshing and very effective.  I came away from the course feeling very uplifted, positive and self assured.

Remarkably, since the course I find myself easily and naturally using the coaching skills, asking good questions and telling stories as if I've been coaching for years.

Thank you Ed, the week I spent with you and my fellow trainees on your course has made a huge difference in my life and provided me with the belief and skills I need to be an excellent Life Coach.

Melody Taylor

Thanks for a wonderful course last week. I got so much from 'being' a coach.It was an enjoyable and at times challenging week. I certainly feel like I've grown in confidence.

Tony Yuile

Thank you Ed for such a awesome life coaching course. Life changing really. The week was so amazing to work through and come to positive realisation from within. I cleared out my mind cupboard and ready for a new journey. Everyone either for themselves or as a career should do your course. Thank you the experience was life changing.

Vicky Humphrey

Thanks so much for the brilliant course a week or so ago.

Last week has been very busy as I am putting together all the necessary pieces of physical infrastructure to get my Life Coaching business ready to fly. That's the hard bit - the learnings that I got from that fabulous week was the easy bit. The week flew by and I have taken so much away from the course that I am confident to begin my Life Coaching journey - armed with a vast array of tools and confidence.

You have awakened in me a level of self understanding and intuitiveness that has been mind blowing. I have come away from the course with a quote that my sub conscious created for me - "Knowledge is power - self knowledge is awesome power". I can't wait to use this power to help guide others to whatever their desired outcomes are.

Adrian Shields

Have enjoyed this introduction to Life Coaching. It has opened up my ideas and processes, giving me a greater understanding of how to not only guide clients but help my journey as well.

Kathryn Grindrod

Thank you Ed, this has been a great course for consolidating what has been learned at the 5 day seminar. Very useful elements to go over and over again for reference also, let's change the lives of many, many people for the better!

Dorothee Hay

I am so grateful for this Mastery Course... over the past weeks. Whilst most of the concepts covered I am very familiar with, it has been extremely enlightening and has enhanced my understanding and perspective both as a student and as a coach.

Terri Newman-Hodge